First Set and Prop Meeting Notes!

DithyrambOn Wednesday, the Set, Tech and Props Team had a great first meeting! Topics discussed included: how to create a smoking “tomb of Semele” that is also an altar, and possibly a dance-able surface (the smoke and the altar are both separate problems to solve); how to make a palace crumble to the ground after lightning and thunderbolts (also two problems); the gathering of pine-cones, ivy and other important symbols; what a thyrsus is and why we need about fourteen of them; how to create and use a severed head, and various body parts; what a statue of Dionysos might look like; and other fun details emerging from the play script. We also briefly touched on makeup and costumes. Tiffani was revealed to have a true passion for blood, gore, and the creation of stylized smoke; Amber came a bit late due to traffic, but promised to harvest and bring ginormous numbers of pinecones from her yard to make up for this; Janice expressed great interest in working with Rachel on sound, and learning how to manipulate a sound board; Adriana had general wisdom to dispense on many subjects, and also brought along a friend, Brielle, who claims she is not a carpenter, but who has a ton of wood at her house and knows how to use it!

Set Design and Prop Meetings will be weekly, and will be noted in the Rehearsal schedule, so stay tuned!

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